Thursday, January 5, 2017

Father Winter Christmas Nail Design

Simple Christmas Manicure using decals and 
the most versatile product to hit gel nails... PIGMENT POWDER

There are many pigment powder colors and 

a variety of styles on the born pretty store website

chrome (mirror) powder
metallic color changing (chameleon) powder
Neon colors pigment powder
Regular colors pigment powder (they have a pearly sheen)
Holographic pigment powder
Colored Holographic pigment powder
Mermaid (irredecent) powder
Magnetic (cat eye) power -NEW

I went cray and bought a whole bunch of powders

so be sure to come back and check my review posts

Everything I used to complete this manicure
 I bought from the Born Pretty Store... select links below

My beloved holy grail of gel nail secrets Pigment Powder

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