Thursday, June 2, 2016

Water Nail Decal: XF1265 VS G074

We are comparing two of what appears to be 
the same style water nail decals from the born pretty store

XF1265 and G074

Item # 6076
Nail Water Decals Sticker 
Traditional Chinese Painting 
Beauty Asian Lady Peach Pattern

G074 are the older style decals.  (above)

They are larger, there are fewer on the sheet so 

it's easier to recognize the difference between the two styles.

The designs are more detailed and the colors are vibrant

XF1265 are the newer style decals.(above)
They are smaller and there are a lot more on the sheet.
The designs are not as detailed and the colors seem to be a little 
washed out, a bit faded if you compare to the previous version

They are both available here @

Make sure that you select the chosen design from the drop down menu, 
it's easy to get confused between the two because they are not easily 
differentiated unless you know what you're looking for

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Tell me what you think about these two similar 
nail decals in the comments below...
Which one do you prefer?