Saturday, June 4, 2016

Born Pretty: Comparing Clear stampers

Lookey here... Another clear jelly stamper.
A cuter, more compact, clearer (er?), stamper

dare to compare: new (left) - original (right)

A better version of the original clear stamper
 introducing the improved clear silicone stamper, sweet!

The head of the stamper is silicone
Silicone is very delicate and needs to be pampered
The new stamper has a clear cap to cover the silicone head
What an awesome idea... yes very exciting! 

I will be reviewing the new stamper in the next few days.

you can find the clear jelly stamper here @
and the clear stamper with cap here @

The stamp head can be replaced as well
The replacement head fits on both of these clear stampers, pretty cool.

Go and get yourself a refill trust me,
I had an accident with mine (oops)...I'm still able to use it no prob,
 but I did get a nick in the top and although I can 
still use it, it's good to know I have a back-up

I got mine here @

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