Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tutorial - How to apply a Foil Gel Manicure

Tutorial How to apply a Foil Gel Manicure Easy
What you need: 

UV or LED Lamp 
Gel Base, Top Coat, and Color Polish 
Orange Stick 

  1. Carefully tear the foil into small parts, or you may use a large piece to cover your entire nail, then set aside. 
  2. Apply your gel base coat and cure as usual. 
  3. Now apply color polish and cure, or you may skip this step and apply the foil directly to the tacky base coat surface. 
  4. Use tweezers to pick up the foil and place it very carefully onto your nails. 
  5. Use an orange stick to gently rub the foil down smooth. This will make the foil super shiny and prevent it from wrinkling under the top coat. 
  6. Finally apply your gel top coat and cure. You may want to apply a second top coat for extra protection. 
Now go try your own awesome foil manicure.