Saturday, May 28, 2016

Born Pretty: Mini Squishy Squeeze Silicone Travel Bottles

Portable Mini Silicone Travel Bottles
# 25556

The 30ml mini is just about 1 ounce,
and the medium 60ml is about 2 ounces.

The largest at 80ml is 2.7 ounces which
 is perfect for airplane travel in the states
(under 3 oz for air travel).
They are great to display because I rather
set out these small bottles on my vanity instead
of the ugly bulk packages that my lotions and soap items come in.
Makes my bathroom look much neater cleaner and nicer. 

These are the best traveling containers because 
they fit within airport mandatory regulation 
size for liquids. I feel like I don't waist any of my lotions 
and creams because the silicone material is so 
pliable and can be squeezed almost empty.
Get these squishy silicone bottles @
They are also available in pink and blue 

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