Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DIY: How to make a stamping decal

Confused about stamping decals?
Create decals quick and easy with this DIY guide!

Pick an image that you can color in.
Choose your stamping polish and stamp the image onto your stamper.
Wait to dry

Use regular polish to color in various parts of the design.
It's okay if you go outside the lines a little bit
because once you flip the design over you won't see it. Paint a layer of clear top coat over the entire design and wait to dry.
Gently slide your tweezer under the edge and peel the design off.
It should peel away with no holes or tears or sticky spots.
Trim your decals to your approximate nail size. Apply the decal to your painted nail
Use your finger tip to smooth out any wrinkles
Use your file to clean up the edges

Remove the excess decal with nail polish remover and your clean up brush.

Apply topcoat and finished!

There are many types of stampers you can use 

with this technique

I use my squishy soft rectangular stamper from born pretty store
You can find it here @

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