Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mild East #35 (peachy pink) - Warning Update

MILDEAST 35 gel nail polish swatch sample color china cheap off brand
Mild East #35

Currently testing out this polish, I hope it lasts 2 weeks!

It has a bit of a stickier consistency than other gel polishes
so it's a little harder to apply because it doesn't self-level as quickly

I also noticed that when cured, it's not as flexible as other gels
(this may cause issues with cracking/splitting)

Mild East warning review Cracked peeling cheap gel ebay

A week later and the polish on 3 of my nails  cracked off.
This stuff is too brittle, it splits and flakes off, not cute :(
I won't be trying any other colors, #35 is a no go!